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    • 1.13 is out and TEMP Server is up!
    • You all know the deal. We can't update the main server until all those little plugins update. That could be a couple of weeks. So there is a TEMP 1.13 server online at port 15565. Just add :15565 to the end of the server address. What do we know about the upgrade and such? Will there be a new map? YES Will you be able to transfer builds? YES Will you be able to transfer anything else? No idea...
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    • 2 weeks 3 days ago
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    • BossSMP news and the PreRelease Server
    • Hello my fellow BossSMP'ers. 1st off I know we / I have not been very active as of late. I apologize as life does get in the way of gaming at times. Fear not, BossSMP while small will not be going away anytime soon. It's still running on a server in my home and I have no reason to shut it down. Aside from the cost of electricity there are no other real expenses. Thanks to my job in IT and clients...
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    • 1 month 2 weeks ago

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    • Hey, What going on in everyone's life?
    • It's nice too see that people's lives are going great so far and that quite a lot of older members are still active in this community, even after all these years :cheer: For me. Much like Minecrafty, I've finished high school and am now moving onto uni in September, where I'll be studying aeronautical engineering. Other than school, I've been getting my hands into some work to help earn some money for uni, driving/fuel and hopefully a holiday to Japan during their Olympics with either some friends or my GF. If things go to plan. Also I'd like to add that people may recognise me by my older name of Piggypig1, or even Piggypig2. But over time I've had an identity change, so you won't be seeing that name around anymore. Though I'm fine with people still calling me that if anyone's more adjusted to that :lol:
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