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    • The New Map - 1.13.2 Is Online!!!
    • Finally! We have a 1.13.2 server up and running! Here is a little info about this new build. * Map Name: Tycho (Named after Tycho Brahe the Dutch nobleman and astronomer from the 1500s.) * mcMMO Stats: If you played any on the 1.12.2 map, your stats transferred to Tycho. * Money: Balances from the 1.12.2 map transferred to the Tycho. * Builds: We are transferring builds now. A few other things to know:...
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    • 5 months 1 week ago
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    • 1.13 is out and TEMP Server is up!
    • You all know the deal. We can't update the main server until all those little plugins update. That could be a couple of weeks. So there is a TEMP 1.13 server online at port 15565. Just add :15565 to the end of the server address. What do we know about the upgrade and such? Will there be a new map? YES Will you be able to transfer builds? YES Will you be able to transfer anything else? No idea...
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    • 9 months 3 weeks ago
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    • BossSMP news and the PreRelease Server
    • Hello my fellow BossSMP'ers. 1st off I know we / I have not been very active as of late. I apologize as life does get in the way of gaming at times. Fear not, BossSMP while small will not be going away anytime soon. It's still running on a server in my home and I have no reason to shut it down. Aside from the cost of electricity there are no other real expenses. Thanks to my job in IT and clients...
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    • 10 months 3 weeks ago

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