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    • 1.9 is live!
    • 1.9 is live on the main server! Most of the plugins have been updated and it's working really well. Waiting that extra week or so really paid off. Very smooth upgrade! The main map is the legacy 1.8 map that you all know and love. I also made a NEW 1.9 Map. Pure 1.9 and you can build, live and explore there. Just /warp OnePointNine and enjoy. Please make sure you walk outside of the spawn area to...
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    • 4 months 4 weeks ago

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    • BossSMP Discord Server
    • In case you guys didn't know, we had a Mumble server a while back that allowed users to talk with one another without having to friend each other over Skype - like AIM but just voice chat. I've decided to try and revitalize that with a new server on Discord, a social platform meant for servers and gamers. Down below I've included two links: one to join an in-game room if you want to chat with others already on the server, and a general room if you want to talk to anyone about anything anytime. In-Game: General: You can either install Discord to your phone or computer, or just use the browser format if you wish. Either way, I hope it opens the server up a bit more to communication outside the game! :)
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