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    • Mumble? It's back!
    • For those of you who remember it Mumble is back! A very easy way to voice chat with other players on the server. If you need the client you can find it here.
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    • 6 months 2 weeks ago
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    • Server Status Update
    • Recently KR, RLI, and I have added a few things which you guys will most definately like. First, darkkiller25 suggested we update mcMMO, and even gave us a link which helped us hit the ground running. RLI was able to get mcMMO installed so now you can start leveling up those mining, fishing, herbalism, and sword skills (among many others). Second, I got Trade Shops working, and even set up some...
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    • 7 months 5 days ago
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    • Good news!
    • We have updated the server and a few plugins to 1.8! So log in, stake a claim, and help us explore this new world we call "Kepler"! Just a few things you might want to know about: 1. Bukkit is still not updated, but for now we are using Spigot. Sponge is still leaky. 2. You can protect land and chests with GriefPrevention. (Hint: Gold Shovel) 3. We have Dynmap back! Go check it out via the...
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    • 7 months 1 week ago

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