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    • BossSMP news and the PreRelease Server
    • Hello my fellow BossSMP'ers. 1st off I know we / I have not been very active as of late. I apologize as life does get in the way of gaming at times. Fear not, BossSMP while small will not be going away anytime soon. It's still running on a server in my home and I have no reason to shut it down. Aside from the cost of electricity there are no other real expenses. Thanks to my job in IT and clients...
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    • 2 weeks 6 days ago
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    • Sell Command
    • Recently we changed from Essentials to EssentialsX, and now instead of selling things with the command /sell hand, you must use /sell <enter item name or ID> <quantity>. So for example if you want to sell 3 stacks of stone, the command will look like this: /sell stone 192. You could also use the following command if you know the item ID: /sell 1 192. This does add an extra step in the selling...
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    • 11 months 2 weeks ago
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    • PVP and Player Heads!
    • We have recently added a Badlands area in the far south of the main SMP map. To get there /warp Badlands. Please keep in mind that this area is truly a Bad Land, so enter at your own risk. There is also a 2% chance a mob will drop a head when killed now. Have fun PVPing and collecting heads!
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    • 11 months 3 weeks ago

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    • Hey, What going on in everyone's life?
    • Well, my minecraft account changed from scorpiovirus to MothrShip for one thing Glad to hear people are aging well :) I'm almost an adult now since I turn 18 this week. Crazy to think I started out on this server before I was even a teenager. This fall I'm going in to my sophomore year of college, studying computer science. If anyone remembers the BossSMP server spotlight video I made in 2013... That YouTube channel is now my main job and my co-producer and I are the proud entertainers of over 17,000 subs! I hope to do more livestreaming than videos in the future. Nowadays I'm just looking to find a wife and settle down tbh. That's how I'm doing!
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