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    • Server is up on 1.11
    • Ok peeps. Here's the scoop. We decided to do a complete reset. Money, MCMMO, Map is all reset. We WILL allow you to bring over buildings BUT no contents. So no chests, No buildings made of diamond or iron or gold, etc... Things are rough. We are working on bringing things up as quickly as possible. Most plugins are working and we are talking some big changes again. More news to come.
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    • 2 days 1 hour ago
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    • Be patient, 1.11 vanilla is out but spigot is not.
    • So you've all seen that vanilla 1.11 is out but the server has yet to update. This is because we run spigot to allow all the fancy additions like grief protection and such. Spigot is still in the process of being updated and probably won't be finished doing so until somewhere during the weekend. This means that we cannot start updating the server until at least then and server updates take time...
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    • 3 weeks 2 hours ago

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