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    • Server outage
    • Quote: Just when you think you have all your bases covered you get blindsided with something else. The town was removing a couple of trees in front of the house and cut my fios line. Didn't bother to tell anyone either. Just bundled it up and put it to the side of the house. Well service is restored and we are back in business. Sorry for the outage. make sure to use to reach the server
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    • 4 months 6 days ago
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    • Your tax dollars at work
    • Progress! 1st a new server. This was compliments of one of my clients. They upgraded their server and no longer needed the old one. It's a few years younger than the previous server. Better processors and more memory. Best of all the cost was FREE. 2nd is a new APC battery backup unit. As most of you know this is hosted in my home. A home isn't a perfect place for redundancy. Once in a while the...
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    • 4 months 3 weeks ago
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    • Server Migration
    • Server is currently in the process of being moved to a newer and better machine. Except some weirdness and down time. This includes the site, but you can't read this anyways when it's down so it's a bit pointless to mention :p Once it's all moved over the server should run a bit smoother, though you probably won't notice much difference cause it's already awesome
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    • 5 months 4 weeks ago

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