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    • 1.16.1 Update is Live!
    • It is time to get to the Nether and find that Netherite! All of the critical plugins have updated and been installed. The following plugins were disabled as they have not updated yet and were throwing errors: * Craftbook - Allows lift, bridge, and gate signs Update installed 7/2/2020 * Jobs - Allows selecting a job and making money Update installed 7/16/2020 * MobHunting - Allows a player to...
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    • 2 months 3 weeks ago
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    • 1.16 Temp Map & Live Server Update Plans
    • We have a 1.16 temp map set up. To access it, add to your server list. We will keep the 1.15.2 live server up and running until the plugins update for 1.16. Then we will switch over to 1.16. 1.16 Update Plans We will switch to 1.16 once it comes out and the plugins update. There is no way of knowing how long it will take for the plugins to update so we can not give you an...
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    • 3 months 21 hours ago

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