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    • Good news!
    • We have updated the server and a few plugins to 1.8! So log in, stake a claim, and help us explore this new world we call "Kepler"! Just a few things you might want to know about: 1. Bukkit is still not updated, but for now we are using Spigot. Sponge is still leaky. 2. You can protect land and chests with GriefPrevention. (Hint: Gold Shovel) 3. Plugins which have not updated: Craftbook,...
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    • 34 minutes ago
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    • Tired of waiting for bukkit to get their crap together or actually finish imploding. Waiting on Sponge to hold water? Play some tekkit. Same port as temp2. The full adress is You will need to Download the Technic Launcher and correct mod pack in order to join the server. That can be found here. You will need the mod pack that is "Tekkit"....
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    • 1 month 2 weeks ago
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    • 2nd temp server
    • I know there have been issues with the temp server. Tried all we can do to correct it. It's not a pluggin issue as we don't have any. We think it's a map issue. Map is too big. So I setup a 2nd server on port 25582 for additional game play. Whatever was in your inventory and enderchests as of 3PM today will transfer over.
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    • 2 months 2 weeks ago

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    • Such weary days, i have seen.
    • What mods do we need? We already have grief protection and essentials, those were the two major ones. I can't think of any others. Also, a lot of people have just grown up. A lot of our community were high schoolers who are now in college, or are still in high school but are focusing on college right now. It's understandable that they wont have the time to play Minecraft.
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