Some of you may have noticed some chests being emptied or signs getting cleared in certain chunks. This appears to be related to a vanilla minecraft bug that has been around since 1.7. Mojang and Bukkit are both aware of the issue. Mojang will not be releasing a fix for it until 1.8. They did figure out the problem and passed the fix down to the bukkit team so they can fix it before 1.8. The fix was apparently was just found today so it will take some time to implement and test it before they can release a working build for it. Please be advised that this is not the work of hackers or crappy server admins. It's simply the kind of thing that happens in beta testing.

More Info:

As promised, here is a download link to the Pangaea map. Do with it as you please.

Update 2: We are up and running with Minecraft 1.7.2. You can now update your clients and play with pistons!!!

Update: Looks like 1.7 is out. The message below is now enforced. Don't update your client otherwise you will not be able to log into Mondas.

Looks like 1.7 will be out sometime the week and will add pistons. This server uses bukkit to run all of its plugins. It will take some time (maybe a few hours, maybe a week) before bukkit gets updated for 1.7. We will not be updating the server until bukkit and a handful of necessary plugins are updated.

Do not update your client until we have updated the server or you will not be able to login.

I am not sure what day the update will fall on but let this be your warning.

I just listed the server at If you have a few seconds to spare, please vote for us. After 24 hours you can vote again. This will help drive traffic to our server. Thanks!!!

Click here to cast your vote!!!

We are up and running. If you have any questions please use the forum or the Contact Us page.

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