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TOPIC: Basic Commands

Basic Commands 8 years 9 months ago #2213

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Communication Commands

/mail clear
Clears your in-game mail.

/mail read
Shows your in-game mail.

/mail send <player>
Sends in-game mail to indicated player.

Allows you to emote.

/msg <player>
Sends a private message to a specific player.

Allows you to reply to a private message.

View information on your current party

/party <party name>
Creates or Joins a named party.

/party q
Leaves the current party.

Toggles party chat on/off.

/invite <player name>
Invites the named player to the current party.

Accepts a received party invitation.

Economy Commands

See how much money you have.

/money pay <player> <amount>
Pays a player the entered amount.

Tells you what the item you are holding is worth.

mcMMO Commands

Toggles whether or not you can activate abilities with right-click

Displays general mcMMO help text.

Displays the list of mcMMO commands.

Displays the current skill levels of player, including current EXP and total needed to level up.

Displays information on a specific skill.

Miscellaneous Commands

Sets a players status to “away from keyboard”.

Allows item held in hand to become a hat. (Only for Donators and above.)

Shows the servers FPS.

Displays a list of all players online.

Tests lag.

Shows a list of server plug-ins.

Displays a list of server rules.

/seen <player>
Displays when the player was last seen on the server.

Commit suicide.

Travel Commands

Go back to a previous location. It works even after you die!

Deletes your home point.

Return to your home point.

Sets your home point. You can only have one home point. (Donators can set up to two)

Takes you to spawn.

/tpa <player>
Asks a player if you may teleport to them.

Accepts a request to teleport to you.

Denies a request to teleport to you.

/warp <place name>
Warps you to that place.
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