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TOPIC: Rules

Rules 9 years 4 months ago #2220

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  • Maintain mature and respectful chat.
  • No racist remarks, names, or buildings of any kind.
  • No Spamming chat.

  • No fly, speed, or x-ray mods/hacks.
  • No mods/hacks that give unfair advantages.
  • Minimap is allowed.
  • Optifine is allowed.

  • Griefing is discouraged but not ban-able.
  • Excessive griefing is jail-able.
  • Server wide griefing is ban-able.
  • Protect your property with GriefPrevention plug-in.
  • Buildings outside of towns must be at least 10 blocks away from neighbors, or they will be deleted with out reimbursement.
  • No complaints if your land is griefed because it was not protected.

  • PVP is on in the Badlands, but disabled on other maps.
  • Killing in non PVP areas via potions or other means is not allowed.
  • Spawn camping is not allowed.
  • Killing another players animals is not allowed.

  • Stealing on the main map is discouraged but not ban-able.
  • Protect your chests using the GriefPrevention plugin. Be sure to set the container flag to false.
  • No complaints if your stuff is stolen because it was not protected.
  • Do not bully other players.
  • No abusing plug-ins such as GriefPrevention, no revenge claims.
  • No redstone clocks.
  • No promoting other servers.
  • No acts circumventing the integrity of the server.
  • No begging or asking for higher rank.
  • No vertical 1x1 pillars, and no vertical 1x1 pits.
  • No ½ cut trees. Cut the entire tree down.

Note: Only the Chat, Mods/Hacks, and General Rules apply to the Badlands.
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