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TOPIC: Staff Commands

Staff Commands 8 years 9 months ago #2221

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/co help
Display a list of commands in-game.

/co near - Performs a lookup with a radius of 5

/co inspect
Enable the inspector. Type the command again to disable it. You can also use just "/co i".


/togglejail <playername> jail <#w #d #h #m>
Sends a specified player to a specified jail for the indicated amount of time.

NOTE: The jail is located at Spawn.


/mute <playername> <w:# d:# h:# m:#>

NOTE: The best thing to do when a player is spamming is to mute them for about 10 minutes. If they keep on spamming you can mute them for a day, or kick, or ban them depending on how bad it is.


Toggles invisibility. Note: You cannot pick up items, be seen, break stuff, be harmed, pushed, push, or talk while invisible. However, all those things can be toggled.

/v t
Brings up the list of toggles. Red indicates that it is disabled, green is enabled.

/v t <toggle>
Toggles one of the vanish toggles. for example, “/v t damage-in” lets me get hurt. (assuming it was off, as it is by default)


/kick <playername> <reason>
Kicks a player and display's reason.

/ban <playername> <reason>
Bans a player, be sure to put a legit reason! Do not put reasons like "Pissed Me Off"


/pt <command>
Use this command while holding an object to use that command whenever you use the object. Example: type ”/pt home” while holding a rose and from then on using a rose would take me home.

Clears any power tools.


Right click with a compass (see below), thru as in through

Left click with a compass (see below), j as in jump


Use left click to travel. It puts you on top of a wall or mountain, and has a very large range.
Right click gets you through walls. It has quite a short range, but usually less laggy.


/tpo <playername>
Teleports you to a player. Be careful not to make people fall in lava or annoy them.

/tpohere <playername>
Teleports someone to you. USE THIS WITH DISCRESION.

Special thanks to Skysquid116 and cooster2 for the original format of this document.


Broadcasts a message to all players on the server. You may broadcast links with this also.


Get plugin status

/rcd ? Help

/rcd <sec>
Scan for <sec> seconds

/rcd stop
Stop scan

/rcd list [page]
List redstone activities

/rcd tp [player] [num]
Teleport [player] (default yourself) to the place in list at [num] (default 1)

/rcd break <num>
Break the block at place in list at <num>


Allows the user to see players inventories.

/enderchest <playername>
Allows you to see into players enderchests.

*Note: You do not have the permission on the server to modify inventories or enderchests.


Checks the server ticks per second. This is useful when you think the server is lagging.


Displays the number of chunks, entities, and tiles of all loaded worlds. It helps in figuring out possible sources of lag.


/setwarp <warpname>
Sets a warp.

/delwarp <warpname>
Deletes a warp.

*Note: Warps are to be set for server related functions such as towns, monuments, shops, and public grinders. Warps are not to be set for private use to circumvent the cap on homes.


This saves the progress of the server. It is not necessary as the progress is auto saved, but if the server seems like it is lagging really bad or might crash it would be a good idea to run the save command.
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