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TOPIC: When to Ask for Help

When to Ask for Help 8 years 9 months ago #2223

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When is it appropriate to ask for help?

On this server we put great value in players being able to figure out things on their own. In recent weeks we've had a lot of new players joining up and a significant portion of them are asking for help when it's not necessary.

One thing to keep in mind as you read is that this guide is only for when you're asking in the regular chat for help from anyone who might be on. If you are specifically asking one person for something you don't necessarily need to follow the rules listed below, but keep in mind that if the person asks you to leave them alone or doesn't respond then you should not continue to ask as that may be considered harassment.

Here's my quick guide for recognizing when it's appropriate to ask for help:

Asking for a Teleport

If you are stuck in a place you cannot get out of on your own or kill yourself to return to spawn/bed you may ask for help. See the following examples:

- Trapped inside the inner workings of a minecart station without an exit door.

- Confined in a closed room in an area where you have no permission to break or use blocks.

- Cannot access the online map for whatever reason (a Mod or Admin may decide to lead you back to a town but likely will NOT teleport you to where you need to go.)

This means that you should NOT ask for help when you are:

- Lost in your mine (or anywhere on the map...)

- Far away from somewhere you want to be.

Gathering Items/Blocks

If you need help acquiring items or blocks it's cool to ask for help...

- For a big project that will require more blocks/items than you can feasibly gather ON YOUR OWN within a few hours.

- If you are trying to build up the storage reserves for your town by filling up chests. (Best to ask other citizens of your town first.)

But you should NOT ask for help when you are:

- Doing a quest that involves finding or creating easily available items (diamonds and iron stuff are more or less exempt from this rule.) For recipes on crafting look here: www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Crafting

- Too lazy to figure out how to do stuff yourself.

Looking for Plugin Info

Trying to figure out how to use a plugin? Ask for help when:

- The plugin instructions (usually '/help ' in-game) are unclear, the plugin wiki (google search the name of the plugin) is unhelpful, there are no Youtube videos about using the plugin, AND someone in-game is already helping people use that plugin.

Do NOT ask for help:

- If you are too lazy to look up the instructions.

Players should look for help from Mentors, Mod Jr's and Mods first. While many of the Admins are quite happy to help some of them have important work to do to keep the server running. Mods can usually help you and if they can't they can get the attention of the Admins more easily than you can.

Need a Mod/Admins attention? Ask ONCE for them and see if they respond. If they don't then leave them alone for a few minutes or ask when they might be available. If they continue to not respond then ask for help elsewhere or wait until the next day. You may also want to post for help on the forum so you can get a response from more than just one person.

I'm sure there are more things on this list than just what I've got written above. If there's anything you'd like to add please suggest it to an Admin so they can edit it in. It is important for all players to remember that there is a rule on the server which allows us to "ban people for uncommon stupidity". If you seriously don't seem to know how to play the game without someone looking over your shoulder EVERY step of the way or if you can't read and follow instructions without someone explaining every detail then this server is too advanced for you to play on.
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