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TOPIC: Chapters 3, 4 and 5 of Portal of Vaal! Enjoy!

Chapters 3, 4 and 5 of Portal of Vaal! Enjoy! 10 years 4 months ago #253

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Chapter 3: Monsters 101
After running (or should I say being dragged) for what felt like eternity, I looked up ahead of the girl and found a small cottage. It was small and made of wood, but it looked like it had a nice warm fire inside. I also saw a shadow of a person by the window. This must be who else “we” was. When we got there, the girl ushered me inside. The house was a nice little cottage one, with pictures on the fireplace and walls of the girl and another girl, this one red-haired. There was also something weird about the house: one wall had a lever built into it.
That struck me as pretty strange. It was kind of sticking out in the open. I wondered, who would leave a lever in plain sight? What does it do, anyway? But before I could think any more about random levers, a girl grabbed me by the shoulder and turned me to face her. She had red hair, blue eyes, and was wearing what looked like a rainbow dress. “Hej! I’m furrybunny! Sorry, hej means ‘hi’ in Sweedish! I knew you would come, I just would! Shiro always doubted it,” she pointed towards the direction of the other girl I was with earlier, ”but I always believed it! And I was right! Yay!” She went and started cheering, then left the room. I had no idea what just happened, so I went over to Shiro, the girl I was with earlier. Now that we were inside, I could see her better.
She had brown hair long, like furrybunny’s style, had the same blue eyes, and what looked like an exact copy of the rainbow dress. In a way- “we’re sisters. I get that a lot,” finished Shiro. “But how could you-” “Read your mind?” she asked. “It’s pretty simple. Just concentrating in the woods gives you awesome powers. Plus, potion making isn’t bad either. Want a sip?” She took out a bottle of red fizzy liquid. I must’ve wondered what it was in my mind, because she instantly responded,” It’s fire resistance. Lasts for up to 8 minutes!” “I’m good,” I hastily replied, because it didn’t look too appetizing. “It’s fruit punch flavor,” she offered. Trying to change the subject, I refocused to the lever on the wall.
“Oh, that thing,” Shiro said. “We’ll have to teach you a thing or two before you go in there.” “Like what?” I asked out of curiosity. “Well, oh! Here it is!” Furrybunny came in,pushing a giant board like the ones used in school. Shiro got out a marker and wrote some words on the board. “This,” she said, “is Monsters 101.” She drew and told of skeletons, the bowmen of monsters, of zombies, the average minor threat, of endermen, in which the title says it all, of creatures who dwell in another dimension, of slimes, which were cubes of Jell-o dominating bedrock, how to defeat them all in their weak points,but there was one monster that REALLY caught my attention.
She drew a block on a tall, slim body with four legs, and colored the creature green. “This,” they said, “is a-” “CREEPER!” I shouted. We all just sat there in intense silence. I felt like they were about to kill me in silence. Finally, furrybunny spoke. “That’s... right. No one usually knows what it is that quick!” She turned to Shiro. “He’s ready,” I heard. They both stood up. “Okay,” Shiro said, “your ready for the final exam.” I didn’t like the way she smiled when she said “exam”. Furrybunny went over to the wall and pulled the switch. The wall instantly opened up into what looked like a testing chamber, but with a trapdoor inside. “First,” furrybunny said, “stand on the trapdoor.” I did as told. Shiro then glanced at a clock and said, “Activating in 3...2...1...now!” She pulled a lever.
Nothing happened. “Hey, can you help me with this?” Shiro asked. I hesitated, then furrybunny came up and said,” I’ll take your spot. If nothing’s on it, sometimes it blows up.” I didn’t favor that picture, so I nodded and went over to pull the lever. It slid like a charm! Just then, the trapdoor opened up under furrybunny, and she fell into the hole, screaming all the way down. For some reason, my ‘suicide instincts’ kicked in, and I was jumping down the hole after her.

Chapter 4: Monsters 101 Final Exam
I fell down for... well, since I didn’t have a watch to check, I fell down for a long time. I thought I saw ground below me, so I readied for the worst. But I didn’t hear a splat, I just heard a splash. I looked below me. I landed in some water, apparently. I looked around. There wasn’t much to see, though, since it was so dark. The only things I could realize were the water I was standing in, and a cobblestone wall near me. I then heard a sound that ran a chill down my spine. It was a moan. A deathly moan. I slowly, and carefully, turned around to see a green figure with a blue shirt and blue jeans wading through the water after me. It probably didn’t take a genius to figure out that there was a zombie chasing after me. Than I heard some sort of creak. Another skeleton? I thought. Than I heard more moans and creaks and hissing. It was then that I realized they had thrown me into a monster spawner.
Well, it all made sense now. The cobblestone, the water, the lack of light, the way Shiro had said final exam in Monsters 101. How could I have NOT seen that coming? Well, one thing was for sure. I had to go rescue furrybunny. Who knows what could have been happening as I was being chased down? I didn’t even want to think of the possibilities. My strength was instantly driven by my desire to... I have no idea. Basically, suicide instincts again. I pulled my sword out of the sling on my back and approached the nearest zombie. It was holding out it’s arms, like when it would hug your brain. “Hug this!” I yelled, as I brought my sword down and through the zombies head, then body, all the way down to it’s knees where it exploded into non-existence. I heard something whizzing through the air near me, then brought my sword around to deflect nine skeletons’ arrows. I was a bit intimidated at first, but then courage kicked in. Since they surrounded me, I brought both my hands to the hilt, and spun around. My sword slashed right through their bodies, where there were then four, three, two, one, none left. I stood there, panting for breath.
But the fight wasn’t over yet. Once I heard the hiss, I instinctually threw my hands behind my back, grabbed hold of the creeper’s face, and flipped it, back and forth, across the cold, hard floor. I swatted it one last time in front of me, where it disappeared into a stream of vapor. I looked around what I could see of the room. There were strange yellow-green orbs floating where the monsters once stood. I felt threatened to approach them, so I stepped forward slowly, until I could go out and reach them. I sticked my hand out near one- and then it went right into me. I wanted to scream for a second, but then, and you’re gonna think I’m crazy, it whispered to me. It spoke in a light, airy voice. Let me heal you. It said. You need me. I won’t hurt you. I started to relax- and then it felt warm and relieving. Pretty soon, they all came into me, re-filling me with strength. I then heard the moan again. I realized that the monsters were coming back to life in the darkness, so I needed to escape, and fast. I wandered aimlessly around until I saw a part where the water went down in the hole. I started to make second thoughts, but the voice whispered go. I jumped down like before, except it wasn’t as long a jump as last time.
I quickly fell, then landed on my butt. Nice move, the voice whispered. Now at this point, I wasn’t really sure to trust the weird whisper anymore. I just ignored it and stood up- and saw a giant ...Jell-o? Wait- no. I saw a giant, hideous, oozing green slime! It looked a lot like Jell-o though, but at this point, I was totally NOT going to try and eat that thing. I then saw it wasn’t entirely see-through. There was a weird shape where- oh wait. That wasn’t good. In the center, there was a human-shaped figure. I didn’t need a scientist to help me figure out what it was. “furrybunny!” I yelled, trying to get her attention. I then realized something else bad. The slime was asleep when I came in, and that’s why it didn’t attack me. But due to my scream, I saw a blobby eye open in anger and frustration. Then another. And then, a mouth to let out a hideous, loud, evil scream. Oops. It started jumping towards me. I had no idea how he did that, considering I can barely even walk after I just woke up. Anyways, back to the battle. It was hopping around, chasing after me, and it was some time until I drew out my sword. I quickly turned around- to fall flat on my butt and watch my sword fly up in the air, it’s point falling towards my chest. I quickly crawled backwards away from the pursuing slime and my sword, and then my sword hit the slime right in the face. “Take that, you oversized mountain of Jell-o!” I yelled so loudly, so that even Shiro might have heard it. It started to ooze away, but not entirely.
The rest of it then turned into three smaller slimes! I’m not the best at math, but I’m pretty sure diamond sword to the face + slime = dead monster, not three more slimes! I tried striking them again, but they turned into even more slimes! I kept getting chased around by them, and then I saw the lava pit. I tried picking one up to throw it in there, but instead, it landed on my head and started to ooze. It immediately felt like my head was melting, so I tossed it back off. Apparently, I had to lure them over there. I then, for some reason, remembered my backpack. I quickly fished out a stick and tossed it into the lava. About five went after it, and followed it in the lava. They didn’t melt, but I figured it would hold them off for a bit. I drew my sword back out and looked at the remaining slimes. They weren't that big, but they were plentiful. I tried hitting the smallest one there. I sliced it in half, and when it oozed away, it ALL went away. I smiled at the thought of what I could do next. I pointed my sword downwards and it stood up on it’s blade. I hopped onto the hilts, and I started jumping. Pretty soon, I had my own diamond sword pogo stick, and it was vanquishing slimes like crazy. It was all over in a minute or two. I looked around for any missed slimes, but luckily, there were none. I looked over and ran to help furrybunny. She was covered in slime, and she looked like she was passed out. But there was something strange that glinted in the lava’s light when I came closer...
“Hej! What took you so long?” She instantly stood up, and she was wearing a full set of diamond armor. As a reaction, I screamed, jumped back, and tripped backward over a stalagmite. “You took forever!” she said. “Where did- how did you...” I started to ask, but my tongue just couldn’t get it out. “Well, I have to say, you passed!” furrybunny said. “The final exam was to go in and rescue me! And you did that...” she checked a clock in her bag. “In 45 minutes! Good work!” She started to climb up a ladder in the corner that I DIDN’T EVEN SEE BEFORE.
I just stood there, thinking. They definitely are crazy, I thought. But hey, it works. “Coming?” furrybunny asked down. I gathered up my thoughts, and looked up. “Coming!” I said, and climbed up the ladder to light.

Chapter 5: The Legend
After I came out of the monster spawner, I immediately started to jump outside and run around, joyful that I was still alive, and now in fresh air. I came back inside soon, because after running into several trees, I thought that meant I should stop. When I came back in, they greeted me with a “congratulations!”, and a shove over to some bookshelves. “What is this?” I asked. It was some sort of strange black table, with red and blue cloths draped over it, and a book in the center. But the weird part was the floating book that followed my eyes, and the strange figures leaping off the bookshelves, right into the open book. “This is an enchanter!” furrybunny said. “Just put your sword on it, and you’ll see!” “Okay...” I said, because I was a bit careful after they sent me into the tortured pit of darkness. Shiro read my mind again. “Just do it, the book won’t bite!” she said. I decided to try not to be like a wimp in front of anyone, so I took out my sword and placed it on the strange table.
Quickly, the blank book became full of strange figures I had never even seen before. It also showed the strange orbs I had collected earlier, and random numbers for each line of figures. Then, the voice whispered inside me again. Pick any spell you like. You will lose some part of me, but I will never leave you. I looked around some pages before I found a spell that looked interesting. I looked at it, than at the orbs on the side of the page. Tap it, the voice said. I tapped the line of text. Than, the orbs came off the page and burst into my sword with a bright flash of light. I curiously picked up my sword, then quickly held it away as it’s tip burst into flames. I thought it was on fire, but the flames quickly faded. I turned to the two that were still staring at me. “What the heck just happened?” I demanded, a bit angry and confused. “That,” Shiro said, “Was an enchantment. And it looks like you got Fire Aspect II. Nice one.” I looked confused to them, so furrybunny jumped in and said,”Sometimes, it allows you to kill monsters with fire. Just slash them with it, and they burst into flames!”
That sounded pretty cool to me. I went outside and tried it on some monsters in a nearby cave. It worked! When I came back inside, they wanted to get me a cake for finishing Monsters 101, and they needed to know my name. “Uh...” I said. Since I still didn’t have my memory, I didn’t even know what my name even was. Oh wait- dang! Shiro read my mind at that moment. “You don’t even know your own name, and you just randomly woke up in my part of the woods?” she asked. “Well, I guess,” I said, not knowing wether to disagree or agree.
“Well, that’s perfect!” furrybunny said. “Your kidding, right?” I asked, but it actually sounded a little serious. “Yeah!” she said. “This is just what the legend told of!” “Furry!” Shiro said through gritted teeth. “Sorry,” she said. I was about to ask a question, but then Shiro quickly said, “We’lldiscussallthistommorow!” and took of to another part of the house. I looked over to furry. She looked at me and said, “She gets a little touchy on that subject. Just give her some time. ‘Night!” “‘Night,” I said, not knowing what else to say. I went off to the living room and settled down to sleep on the couch, falling asleep to the crackling fire in the burning hearth.
I woke up the next morning feeling wide-awake and ready to go at any monster who got in my way. The only sound though, was the sound of a knock on the door. But before I even got up to walk to the entrance, Shiro blasted past towards me and opened the door. I went up to the door to see what Shiro was so excited about. I then saw why. A man in a strikingly handsome white button-down shirt and perfect-fitting jeans with black spiky hair was standing at the door. If you mashed up the three most popular movie stars, they would look like an average person next to him. I could see why Shiro blasted to the door now, but she didn’t seem to see a handsome stranger walking up to her house as strange or even a bit interesting. “Hej Neon,” she said nonchalantly. “Hey Shiro! furry! And... who’s that?” He stared in my direction. She whispered something in his ear. “I see,” He said. “Come on though, ida would really want to meet him.”
Who the heck was ida? I wondered. But Shiro seemed excited once this ‘Neon’ mentioned ida to think about my thoughts, so I could probably think freely. And what was up with her whispering? They should at least have told me. I came back to reality when furry tapped my shoulder. “Come on, we’re leaving!” she said. “Oh yeah- right!” I said, following her out of the house. The three of them were waiting at a beach, all in boats. “Come on, let’s go!” Neon shouted, tossing me a boat. I caught it, then set it in the water, and shoved off to... well, wherever we were all going. So, I asked. Furry was about to say something, but Shiro instantly turned around and cast a hard glare at her, so Furry stayed quiet. No one said anything, so I just kept rowing.
On the way there, we saw a pod of squids. Furry looked down and stared at them, then ,I think my eyes were playing tricks on me, the squids nodded and swam out of the way. But after that, it returned to the same boring and quiet travel it was when we started. After about an hour, when I was sleeping, my boat hit the land so hard, I came flying out my boat and did a faceplant into the ground. I felt SO embarrassed! Luckily, no one laughed so we got out of the boats and onto the land, where I saw the castle and looked up in awe. “Yep,” Neon said. “That’s ida’s castle alright.” It was made entirely of the finest stone, built in the shape of a tall and a bit slim castle tower style, with a big set of double-doors, bith flanked by wolves. We knocked on the heavy barred doors made of obsidian, and it was quickly pulled aside by the two wolves. As we walked throughout the grand hallway’s luxurious wide atmosphere on it’s thick and woolen carpet, there were wolves everywhere. Wolves with food on trays on their heads, wolves with scrolls in a pouch on them, wolves with saddles on them. Wait- with saddles? I started to turn in order for them not to take me, but it slipped right under me, got my feet in the harnesses, and the rest got Shiro, furry, and Neon, and we headed on the wolves up the stairs into the outside entrance to what seemed to be a throne room.
Only the wolves Neon and I were riding continued into the throne room where they let us off, then ran off to get back to their work. I looked around the grand room filled with rare jewels, expensive pieces of highly polished armor, and near the throne, a picture of a young woman wearing one of the sets of armor in a nearby display case, that looked a little used. Okay, it looked like it was used so much that it was only brand new in WW1. Just behind the throne, two wolves rushed in, escorting the woman from the picture in the throne. The wolves than sat down beside the throne. The ‘queen’, apparently, was a tall woman with wavy-ish blond hair... in a batman costume? She had a long black cape, and a wolf in her lap. The only physical features of her you could make out were behind her mask.
“Hello,” she said, her voice like a gentle breeze. “Oh, hej Neon! Is this him?” she said, pointing to me. “Yes ida,” he said. “He is the one who appeared by the lake, with no memory.” “Interesting. Very interesting....” said ida, examining me. “So you don’t even know your own NAME?” She asked. I shook my head no. She sighed, for what reason, I have no idea. “It was told you would come in the legend. That you would destroy all this evil.” “Sorry, I have no idea what you’re talking about, but what legend?” I asked, clearly confused. “Okay, here’s the story,” ida started. “A long time ago, about 2031, on an average day, certain people invaded the world. Dead, evil ones that had been put to death for their crimes. They had come back for revenge, and have now already taken over most of our lands. Although, there was one hope. That hope was The Knights of Archlinder.” “The what of who now?” I asked, hoping to get something out of this. “Just wait until the story is finished!” ida said a bit angrily.
“The Knights of Archlinder was thought of by a philosopher who thought that if something bad happened, we could always rely on Archlinder, the creator of everything you see right now. Eventually, it did work for him, but others thought he was crazy, and denied his ways. But once the evil ones returned, everyone tried to fight back on their own, but easily had no chance against them. The only few survivors left got together and actually relied on the philosopher’s ways. But they could not do it alone. They all united to become the Knights of Archlinder, each relying on one another to save the world and take it back from the cold, dead hands of the returned.”
We all just stood there in silence for a while, absorbing the story. “So, why am I here, than?” I asked, a bit curious. “Because”, ida said, “The legend also told of a hero to finally eliminate the darkness that would awake by the lake, with no memories of their past, whatsoever. That was Shiro’s lake.” I suddenly remembered waking up on the bed of flowers. “So... can you help me get my emory back?” “That is not relevant at the moment,” ida said. “You must go undercover and join the Knights of Archlinder. That is also how the prophecies foretold. In fact, the prophecy is right here.” She pet her wolf. She suddenly started petting it, then lightly touched it on the spine. The wolf pup’s eyes glowed red, vapor formed out of it’s mouth, and it said in a dark and ominous voice, “The hero to kill darkness will rise from the Lake. With no memories, they shall awake. They will be a Knight of Archlinder, and rise above all. For they to decide, the world be prospered or fall.” The wolf pup then went back to normal and started licking ida. She put the wolf pup down, and the three wolves returned to behind the throne.
“So now you see why this is so important,” she said, returning the conversation back to what it was before. “Why did that wolf pup just talk?” I asked. “It was a pup from a family of oracle wolves. Now you understand what you must do, correct?” ida asked. “Understood,” I said, trying to look as serious as possible. “OK, you will spend the next couple of days training with Neon,” she looked down at Neon, “and traveling to the academy by foot.” “Why not by boat?” I said, trying not to look like I was a whining brat. “It is landlocked. Plus, it has a few special features.” Ida looked the way Shiro did when she said final exam. Didn’t like where this was heading. “Now, you are dismissed.” ida said, the wolves ushering us out. “Wait!” I said. Ida turned back around to us. “Do you possibly know what my name even is?” She looked a little sadder once I asked that. With some difficulty, she replied, “Your name is motorthud. Now, you may leave.”
The wolves got us back on them and led us out through the throne room with Shiro and furry, and left us in the outside of the castle. “Well, that was strange,” I told Neon. “You’re telling me,” he said. “I live here, and that wasn’t even normal for my standards!” We then got in the boats and left back to train in the forest. I thought of my new name, motorthud. It was strange, but as most say, the name makes the person. Or, according to ida, the hero.

Check back for more! :D
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Re: Chapters 3, 4 and 5 of Portal of Vaal! Enjoy! 10 years 4 months ago #254

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I kinda love how I am a forever alone batman who lives with a lot of wolves... lol :oops:
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Re: Chapters 3, 4 and 5 of Portal of Vaal! Enjoy! 10 years 4 months ago #255

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This story keeps getting better and better! It feels like I really am there, watching this happening! Will Shiro and I reappear in the story? :D
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Re: Chapters 3, 4 and 5 of Portal of Vaal! Enjoy! 10 years 4 months ago #260

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My god, this story is incredible! I can't stop reading it now, it's so damn interesting! Very nice job on this motor! Hope i appear on it too...
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Re: Chapters 3, 4 and 5 of Portal of Vaal! Enjoy! 10 years 4 months ago #265

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great work, Moto! Just wish I could be in it.
I've kinda left. Might be around some other time :/
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