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TOPIC: Portal of Vaal- Chapter 11! Also, see Chp. 10.

Portal of Vaal- Chapter 11! Also, see Chp. 10. 10 years 10 months ago #448

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Chapter 11: The Game of Death

“Motor? Motor? HELLO?” I threw the pillow tiredly at the person shouting into my ear. My eyes opened to see Oat standing over my bed, wide-awake. “What time is it?” I moaned. “It’s 8 o’ clock. Why are you so tired?” “Because I-” I couldn’t explain Whiteisa to anyone! He promised me when I was being taken over that he would take over a killers body, find my dorm, and- well, you know the rest. “Because I got lost in the forest late last night.” It was the truth, after all. “Well, you are gonna be so pumped up for this!” said Oat. “We got tickets to the Stewieville Spleef Tournaments!”
The Stewieville Spleef Tournaments?! Those things were sold out for months! Yosh and I usually discussed the teams we bet on, but we never thought of actually being able to go there! “How did you get the tickets?” Oat replied with joy, “Easy! Buzzy invited us to the game! Says he has a part-time job there, or something. Cool, right?” “The best!” I said full of energy. “But what do you mean by ‘we’?” “Oh, right. Well, he’s there, and he already invited you, me, Neon, and Yosh! Well, Neon and Yosh arrived ahead of time to meet the players. Anyway, the game starts soon. Come on!”
I leapt out of bed to the door, took a quick shower, and dashed with Oat out the Academy door. “How are we going to get there?” I asked. I never really thought about transportation much. “I borrowed my dad’s ship. It’s a bit old, but she’ll pull through.” It didn’t really look as if there was a way to the arena by water, since it was in the desert. I looked near the water. “No, not that kind of ship.” Oat pressed a button on a keychain, and I heard a noise above us. It was a bright red jet that had a literal “air break” which allowed it to hover. A ladder rolled out one side of the ship’s doors, and we climbed inside.
The cabin was amazing, unlike anything I had ever seen before. It had the pilot’s dashboard, the nice window view, and enough room for about four people. The floor was a smear-proof glass, so you could see out below you. Basically, motion sick people should not buy this. It also had air conditioning, electricity, a mini-fridge, and everything was powered by corn syrup, entirely. Oat’s voice came on the intercom overhead. “This is your captain speaking, and we are headed to the Stewieville Spleef Arena, which is about 15 minutes away. Please fasten your seat belts and enjoy your flight.”
I had never been in any sort of jet before, but how could I know that with no memory? It was scary at first, going upwards so much you feel the ship’s about to explode. But after that, it felt nice and natural. In 15 minutes, just like Oat said, we reached a ton of ships floating in front of us. “Parking lot,” Oat explained. He let the ladder drop down, and we climbed down to the Stewieville Spleef Arena.
I guess I should explain what spleefing really is. In spleef, there is no gravity, but players stay on the ground, or jump over it. There is a small layer between the players and the lava waiting for them below. The two players dig holes with their shovels, quickly, around one another, and whoever accidentally falls in the lava loses. There are usually branching tournaments, where each team fights for power. In the end, it’s a game of death, but all for what? It looks like the Roman Coliseum kind of entertainment might be coming back into style again.
Anyways, back to the actual tournament. We walked in the entryway, which was actually quite small and dingy compared to... well, anything. But the arena was enormous. It had seats all around the pit, a glass dome, the announcer’s booth, and the pit itself, which was being cleaned up after the last match. The feild looked a bit red, and I was sure that wasn’t lava. We found Neon and Yosh, right in the front row. Buzzy must’ve gotten us really good seats with a good and important job there. I looked at the cleaning crew, but buzzy wasn’t there. I checked the vendors, but buzzy wasn’t handing out peanuts and knick-knacks that were really junk. Then I heard a familiar voice echo around the stadium.
“Ladies and gentlemen, what a wonder of work that was for Stewie, not just a master spleefer, but also the owner of this arena.” I saw a man in a blue and black jumpsuit with a creeper face on it-the Chicago Creeper uniform-hop out of the pit. “Give him a hand folks, give him a hand!” I looked up to the announcer’s box to see buzzy mouth to me, like the seats? He then flashed me a thumbs-up, and I returned it. Announcer is a pretty good and hard job, so that explained the amazing seats. “What’s the score anyway?” I asked Yosh. “Chicago Creepers are beating the Zambeque Zombies, 3 to 1. And, I got this free yo-yo signed by Stewie!” I held up a yo-yo that had Stewie’s signature sprawled on it. I returned to the game. Next up it was Zero, another Chicago, v.s someone named Hosoidallas. They each started out in their coners, glaring menacingly at each other. Once buzzy yelled, “GO!”, the two jumped forward at each other like jungle cats over an antelope, and dug around one another. At one point, Hoso was running backwards from Zero, and didn’t notice the empty space behind him. It was gruesome the way something melts in lava. The crowd got up and cheered at Zero’s victory, and now it was 4 to 1. This was gonna be a piece of cake.
The score eventually turned to the Zambeque Zombies, and the score was now tied at 4 to 4. It was also time for a break, so I went outside to get some fresh air. Even though it was a desert, it was still nice. I was just going forward to get a drink from a cactus- “There you are! C’mon, get in and get into uniform!” A hand forcefully ‘escorted’ me back inside, but this time, to the athlete’s entrance. I had no idea what was going on, but the guy sounded pretty big, so I decided not to argue with him. He dragged me into the blue door, the one leading to the Creepers’ suiting room. He put on the blue and black jumpsuit over me, and I knew where it was probably going from there.
Whoever had grabbed me at the entrance must’ve thought I was an athlete, and gotten me ready for the next fight. Although, I wondered, how could they have thought I was an athlete? I would’ve already been wearing the uniform. I didn’t have time to think, but they forcefully thrust a shovel into my hands, and pushed me into the arena, closing the team door behind me. I was dead meat. Apparently I was the tie-breaker, so of course I had to go up against the beefiest guy on the other team! He had a great yellow beard, a leather and steel helmet, his shovel clutched like a murder weapon in one hand, and bulging muscles, rippling with power. But with my good fortune, the lava would only last a few seconds for me. When I came out, everyone in the crowd cheered. Why didn’t they recognize me? Why didn’t they pull me out of here? Then I realized: they put a bandana to match the jumpsuit right over my eyes. That explained it.
I looked up to the crowd for reassurance. There wasn’t much; Neon, Oat, and Yosh were trading athlete cards, and buzzy was announcing an ad for hot dogs. But all at once, the crowd started yelling, “3, 2, 1, FIGHT!!!” The opponent started running forward, but I stood in my area, shaking. When he was only a meter away, I hit the small area with my shovel, and it collapsed into the lava. He quickly sidestepped, and started chasing after me again. I dragged my shovel along my side, causing the line of the snow to fall. At one point, I leaned a little too far to the right, and nearly plummeted face-first into lava. But I used the shovel to push me back up from a nearby pile of snow.
Eventually, I had to jump around because of the major holes everywhere. At that point though, I guess the Zimbwambes couldn’t take it any longer, and he started swinging at me with his shovel. And I thought, If he can’t play by the rules, then I won’t either. I stopped right in front of him and dropped to my knees. I heard soemone shout, “What’s he doing?!” Wait for it, I thought. The opponent rushed up with a smile on his face, and shifted his shovel to behind his back. Wait for it... He picked up the shovel, and swung it forward. Now! I simply crouched, avoiding the strike. He looked off balance, so that’s when I rushed behind him, and pushed him. Into the hole in the snow. Into lava. Into. His. Death.
I quickly looked away, but after a tense moment of silence, the crowd cheered. Everyone rushed into the arena, shouting, “The Creepers won! The Creepers won!” I rushed over to my friends, before anyone could lift me on my shoulders. Oat instantly sprinted up to me once I was at their row. He was so excited, he said what sounded like “OhmygoshthatwastotallyamazingcanIhaveyourautographnonevermindIdon’twanttowasteyourtime-” but I stopped him short when I pulled off the jumpsuit and bandana. Neon recovered first. “Motor? That was YOU? What happened?” “I don’t know, but I totally do NOT want to do that again.”
Afterwards, we were back in the hovercraft to the Academy. Oat was checking out the jumpsuit I used. He was a HUGE fan. We also received a bunch of stuff from Stewie as an apology for the situation. It didn’t really cover for it though, as you can’t erase an image from your mind like death. Buzzy was flying us back to the Academy. Neon and Yosh were asking how I got into this mess again, and how I thought it happened. “For the 8th time, I don’t know how it happened.” “Come on, you got to motor!” Yosh complained. “At least tell us who you think it might be.” Then, I had a strange vision. I imagined the spleef arena, filled to the brim with fans from everywhere. Then, I saw one face stand out from the rest in the crowd. His face was hidden by the bandana, but the blue and black jumpsuit didn’t lie. I snapped back to reality. “Now, I might have a slight idea,” I said, barring my teeth in anger and frustration.

Who could I be talking about? DON'T SPOIL IT! :angry: Be sure to check back for more adventures! Also, I request you leave your thoughts of Chapter 12 below! That's right! I want your idea for Chapter 12! The winner gets to give their idea, and possibly even more! So don't wait, POST YOUR THOUGHTS! ;)
"Science has not yet taught us if madness is or is not the sublimity of the intelligence."
-Edgar Allen Poe
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Re: Portal of Vaal- Chapter 11! Also, see Chp. 10. 10 years 10 months ago #451

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:P Good story as always, Motor! That was some epic Spleef-Action right there. My idea: Have you find the person who did that to you and, I dunno, get revenge on 'em by...something. lol. I also wish I could be in it, but, I don't care really. lol.
I've kinda left. Might be around some other time :/
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Re: Portal of Vaal- Chapter 11! Also, see Chp. 10. 10 years 10 months ago #476

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Well done Motor! I love the story you have written so far! It is imaginative, funny and compelling. Though it would be nice not to have been just a historical figure...>.> lol
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Re: Portal of Vaal- Chapter 11! Also, see Chp. 10. 10 years 10 months ago #477

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Yeah, it is pretty awesome so far...but I kinda wish I had a bigger role than putting eggs on a desk...But either way great story!
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Re: Portal of Vaal- Chapter 11! Also, see Chp. 10. 10 years 9 months ago #491

Well done Motor!
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