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Last updated to Resolved by BananaPirate. Note: changed him to them in the language file


The Bounty Plugin


Submitted to Bug by kvadratrot on 2019-07-07 09:36:58.
The majority of the server has pvp turned off the bounty plugin is a great addition to create extra value to the game. Unfortunately pvp is only enabled in the badlands. Is it a plugin we as a community we want to have enabled spamming the chat every time someone logs in?

To my point, which is why the issue type is labeled bug and not suggestion, everytime a player with a bounty logs on the server, a message is prompted to the server members. "There is a bounty on [Player Name], go get him!". That's a string of text stored in that plugin somewhere, surely there must be a way of changing that text from him to they for example. Having that bounty plugin assuming the gender of all of the servers members as male, feels wrong to me, and as a woman I'd like this to be changed to me more inclusive to all genders who might play and come to play on our wonderful server.

I wrote this bug report because idasomfan and shiro told me to.


# kvadratrot 2019-07-07 14:39
Naturally, I meant, for my suggested fix to be this:

"There is a bounty on [Player Name], go get them!"
# kvadratrot 2019-07-07 20:26
You would have to change the message that generates the bounties too.

Following: "A Random Bounty (71.36) was put on [player name], go get him!".
# BananaPirate 2019-07-07 21:47
I changed the file that had "him" in it to "them"

It should probably take effect next server restart. If it doesn't let us know

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