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Change Villager Zombie Conversion Rate


Submitted to Suggestion by dederest on 2020-08-22 04:00:47.
With the server set to normal difficulty, when a villager is killed by a zombie, it has a 50% chance of being converted into a zombie villager. When the difficulty is set to hard, this percent goes up to 100%. With a guaranteed conversion rate, this makes zombie powered villager trading systems much easier and efficient. Because some players would not enjoy the server being changed to hard difficulty, I suggest adding a datapack to change the conversion rate to 100% while on normal difficulty, I have written a datapack to do so. I have also talked to several other players on the server, who agree that this change would be positive and makes total sense.


# LoganRL 2020-08-24 22:26
That would be a great addition to the server I thought it was 100 percent and then I tried to zombify my sharp 5 villager and I found out that it was not...
# Kardon_Trigger 2020-08-29 03:05
This suggestion is being considered by the Admins. We will post a decision here once one is reached.

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