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TNT replication feature


Submitted to Suggestion by dederest on 2020-08-22 04:09:48.
In vanilla minecraft, there exists a feature that allows tnt to be replicated. This feature has existed in minecraft for years, and as such, many players consider it a feature, and not a bug, as some would label it.  Furthermore, because of its longstanding history, it has become integral to the construction of several farms, including tree and cobble farms. It also provides a movable source of TNT, which is useful as dispensers cannot be moved by pistons. This means this feature can also be used in several mining flying machines. However, paper has decided to "patch" this feature. However, in the config yaml for the paper server, there is a setting that can be changed to allow this feature. I have spoken to other players and staff on the server (Ry and Zman) who all agree this should be changed to allow tnt to be replicated. Furthermore, this does not give an unfair advantage to certain players, as the feature can be easily replicated by any player, even with little or no redstone knowledge. It should also not be considered bug abuse, as the behavior has existed for years in minecraft, and at this point has become an integral part of the game. Enabling this feature would also not harm server integrity, and would only make the construction of certain machine and farms possible in the first place.


# Kardon_Trigger 2020-08-29 03:09
This has already been discussed by the Admins and it was decided that this is not something that is compatible with they style of server that BossSMP is.

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