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Banned for no reason and wasn't given a chance to explain


Submitted to Ban Appeal by zlkjhsvlfkmselie on 2020-12-30 22:44:33.
As you may know me, or just know of me, one of my past usernames was mccena and I have been playing on the server since just 2012. A year or so after the server was created. I have been banned for apparently "stalking". I feel as if I've been falsely accused of this because I was banned before I got any chance to speak or explain. So please, let me explain what exactly happened. Me and Katie (goose_mother) joined voice chat in discord and invited a few people (including Logan) from boss to join because we felt like talking to people. We were all having a good time until the topic came up, we were asked by Logan to send him a photo that we did in fact have. Eventually, we were pressured by him and another to send it. At that point, we did, which was unfair and we're sorry that we did. And again, we were accused of stalking someone's account for the photo. Which we ourselves didn't actually find. We got the photo from a certain person which I'm not going to name unless you feel as if it is necessary. Another thing we were accused of is making fun of what Logan looked like, which I do not recall that we said anything negative about it... Instead, the first thing another player said in the discord is that "we made fun of his looks" which was believed by you all. The ban was completely one-sided considering, Kevin, you do have relations with Logan. I feel as if it might have gone down differently if it was a player not in relations with you, which is completely normal because he is obviously your son. I have nothing against that. I understand that you said to not bother submitting an appeal, but I just wanted to give it a try by explaining my and Katie's side of the story. If after reading this, your mind has not been changed then oh well. I just really find it sad that after 8 years of playing on this server with the amazing community, I'll never be able to experience it again due to a bias accusation, resulting in a ban. If my a


# zlkjhsvlfkmselie 2020-12-31 03:47
If my appeal is closed, then to whom is reading this I hope you the best of life, I really wish you considered giving me a chance. I don't immediately expect you to believe me because you were not in the voice chat at the time but I can assure you that what I've said here is all true. I'm truly sorry for the trouble I've caused. Thank you.
# Awesomecutegirl6 2020-12-31 03:49
# katieie 2020-12-31 04:45
# KevinRemsen 2020-12-31 15:05
# MolaMolaAndCats 2020-12-31 18:04
The title of this ticket is literally “Banned for no reason and wasn’t given a chance to explain” and you reply with a one word non-response. I have serious doubts as to whether or not you even bothered to read the post, and at this point, whether you will bother to read this one. This same level of negligence has gone unchecked throughout the ranks of staff on this server, and although there are some good admins and mods, they are generally under-appreciat ed, just as the voices of the regular players have been ignored. I understand you have other obligations, but as someone in a position of power in this server, you do not have the luxury of ignoring the pleas of the players in service of your own personal, and familial, biases.
# AlphaHCF 2021-01-16 18:23
BigKevin has already said that they shouldn't bother making this ticket because it will be dismissed. If he read it or not it would not matter, Believe it or not it can come of as creepy to get photos or look for photos of someone just to comment on them. Logan "pressured" them into sending it because he did NOT think you guys had the photos. Asking to show it to him is not pressuring it was him not believing that you guys had them. And I guess to you guys randomly talking trash about what color glasses and what type of glasses he had, going into detail about it for no reason whatsoever is considered "not making fun of his looks" as commenting on his clothes and other things about him. You guys again, claim BigKevin has a bias which I cannot say he didn't but i can say you guys sure have one too. You guys say that someone sent you the photo when you brought up Logan's brothers tiktok. You obviously know where it came from.
# zlkjhsvlfkmselie 2021-02-04 03:29
when were we ever talking trash about his glasses color?!?! last time I checked, asking someone what color their glasses were wasn't "talking trash" your comment is irrelevant. And yeah I obviously know where it came from because I know who sent it to me, but I'm not going to rat out who that person did. And yes, it was very one-sided and completely bias but I'm over it now and I could care less.
# AlphaHCF 2021-01-16 18:27
The ban was NOT one sided as multiple people said it sucks to have that happen to Logan. And people went into detail about what you guys said. In the end, you guys denied every bad accusation against you and brought it on BigKevin for having a bias as if you guys didn't have one. He told you to not bother making a ticket. And you say that its unjustified for him to give a short response when you shouldn't have even expected a response in the first place.
# LoganRL 2021-02-01 04:13
I gave you every chance. I didnt really care that you found a picture of me. I gave you every chance. Notice how that you got banned after you said something in chat. My father didnt even know that I was in a vc with you unti you said something in chat. But ya know who cares that you found a photo of me? My father. I didnt even tell him that you found a photo of me until YOU said something. So dont you dare say that your ban was bias when I gave you every single chance I could give you short of basically saying that I actually said bad things to you in vc. I didnt tell my father until he asked me about what you said in general. Drop the mic
# Awesomecutegirl6 2021-02-04 03:29
lol ur comment is very repetitive and yeah it was pretty biased but whatever you say
# LoganRL 2021-02-18 22:56
Tbh i think this was a plot by lettucestick to get Birkin and the slums to herself.
# LoganRL 2021-02-19 22:41
And they try and get you with lol ur comment is very repetitive and yeah it was pretty biased but whatever you say to create drama. The thing they did was to try to create drama. And those two just reached the limit of how much drama they can make.
# angelicallyapril 2021-03-14 00:12

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